OptiCon @ Vision Expo

With the OptiCon @ Vision Expo education package, Opticians, Contact Lens Professionals, Allied Ophthalmic Professionals, Optical Assistants and Office Managers, Frame Buyers and Lab Technicians can take advantage of education covering six key areas: optical technology, allied health, contact lens, practice management and business solutions, and ABO and NCLE basic and advanced exam review courses.

  • Unlimited Continuing Education Courses, including ABO & NCLE approved education and OptiCon General Session
  • Free Exhibit Hall access, including the OptiCon @ Vision Expo Hub
  • Tailored special events including a welcome event and peer networking
  • Access to ABO & NCLE exam review courses and exams
  • Access to discounted rates at a dedicated OptiCon @ Vision Expo hotel

OptiCon Advisory Board

Phernell C. Walker, II, MBA, ABOM, NCLEC
OAB Co-Chair, Pure Optics, LLC

Tina Palumbo
OAB Co-Chair, Foerster & Hayes LTD, ABO-NCLE Board Public Member

Janet Acara, ABOC, NCLEM
Erie Community College

Tom Barracato, ABOC, NCLEC
Owner, Adolph Optical

Sandra K. Brown, ABOM, NCLEC

Ledonna Buckner, ABOC, NCLEM
CooperVision Specialty EyeCare

Curt Duff, ABOM, NCLEM
Owner, Tinder-Krauss-Tinder

Deedee Finisecy, ABOM
Wagner Opticians

Bev Harper, ABOC
Owner, Cook Inlet Eyecare

Carri L. Russell, NCLEM
Bausch Health Speciality Vision Products
NCLE Chair

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