February 19-22, 2025
Orlando, FL

NOW by Vision Expo Returns for 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that the NOW Pavilion will return to Vision Expo East in 2024 to showcase the latest trends and direction of the entire eyewear industry – a reflection in time, highlighting the following curated themes in design:

  • NOW loves NYC NOSTALGIA: Celebrating nearly 40 years of Vision Expo with archives or vintage inspired frames
  • NOW loves NYC FASHION: High fashion, eyewear-accessory, from runways to NYC activewear
  • NOW loves PEACH FUZZ: Pantone Color of the Year for 2024
  • NOW loves EARTH: Innovation, new technology & material
  • NOW loves LOVE: Independent WOW and the jewelry of the eyes


On Friday, March 15th at 4:30pm, the NOW Advisory Committee will present the NOW Awards: 2nd Edition on the main stage at The Bridge, along with a NOW Advisory Committee panel discussion, Champagne toast & celebration!

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Best Optical Style of 2024 by a Licensed brand
  • Best Optical Style of 2024 by an Independent brand
  • Best Sunglass Style of 2024 by a Licensed brand
  • Best Sunglass Style of 2024 by an Independent brand
  • Best Sustainable Style of 2024
  • New Emerging Brand / Designer
  • “Eyewear, the Ultimate Accessory” Award presented by the Accessory Council
  • Optical Lifetime Achievement Award
  • People's Choice Award*

*The People’s Choice Award is the only award that will be announced on the last day of Vision Expo at the NOW Pavilion on Sunday, March 17 at 12 PM. This allows all attendees the time to vote. Please come by the NOW Pavilion at #P557 to cast your People’s Choice Award vote!


Vision Expo’s NOW project is conceptualized and directed by Nico Roseillier, Founder, Designer and Creative Strategist of UN-TI-TLED Creative Agency and in partnership with NOW advisory committee members: 

  • Dr. Harbir Sian, OD, host of 20/20 Podcast
  • Alicia Hartman, OD, founder of People of Barbados
  • Rama Valentin, Atelier MIRA Brooklyn
  • Dr. Jennifer Tsai, OD, Line of Sight NY
  • Lanard C. Atkins, Board of Directors, ABO-NCLE
  • Wendy Salle, Chief Merchandising Officer at Luxury Optical Holdings


If you have several brands, you may submit one product per brand in one theme, but not each theme.

For example:  If you have 3 brands (Brand X, Brand Y and Brand Z):

You may submit

  • Brand X for Eyewear Icons
  • Brand Y for Eyewear Icons
  • Brand Z for Diversity and Inclusivity

You may not submit Brand X for multiple themes. You must submit each brand individually.

February 1st is the deadline to submit your products via the Google Form.

February 9th is the deadline to send your products to Nico Roseillier

  • Company name
  • Brand name
  • Contact First and Last Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Product name
  • Booth number (Only official Vision Expo exhibitors are eligible. Vision Expo will verify exhibiting status before shipping the product to be included in the display.) 
  • Select the theme that aligns with your product submission
  • Upload a front-facing photo and a side-facing photo of your product 

An email will be sent to verify we received your submission within one week of submission. 

After you receive email verification that we received your submission, you may ship your product(s).

Creative Agency

ATT: Nico Roseillier / NOW
1525 Jeffrey Lane, Northbrook IL 60062 USA
[email protected]

February 9th, 2024

All NOW submissions will be reviewed by the NOW Advisory Committee. Only two criteria will make your product considered ineligible:

  1. - Company is not exhibiting at Vision Expo East
  2. - Upon receipt, product does not align with the theme you selected.

Vision Expo will notify you prior to the show if you are ineligible and arrange for you to pick up your product at the show.

  • The NOW Advisory Committee suggests the themes for display and selects the winners of the NOW Awards. In the event a product appears ineligible based on the theme it was submitted for, the committee will review the product and make a recommendation for inclusion.
  • In addition to the showcase, the advisory committee members of NOW will be available to participate in conversational meet and greets (date/time to be announced). Engagement and interaction will take place in a non-formal setting.

UN-TI-TLED LLC will arrange to bring the products to Vision Expo and set up the NOW displays.

Vision Expo’s NOW project was conceptualized by Nico Roseillier, Founder, Designer and Creative Strategist of UN-TI-TLED Creative Agency . The design will put the emphasis on the products displayed.

Each product will have the product name, company name and booth number tastefully displayed for attendees to be able to locate the exhibitor on the show floor.

The NOW Pavilion will have 24-hour security detail throughout the days that Vision Expo East exhibit hall is open.

You will be asked to check a box when submitting your product: 

By checking this box, the individual below represents and warrants to Reed Exhibitions, a division of RELX Inc. (“Management”) that such individual is duly authorized to accept the following on behalf of the company named below (“Exhibitor”) and that such individual has read, understands and agrees to each of the following:

  • Participation in NOW is primarily intended for Exhibitors exhibiting at VEE 2023 and is subject to the terms of Exhibitor’s VEE 2023 license agreement, including, without limitation, the indemnification obligations therein. Companies which are not already exhibiting at VEE 2023 shall only be permitted to participate in NOW at the discretion of the NOW Advisory Committee. Any displays or materials provided by Exhibitor for display in NOW shall be considered “Exhibitor Materials” as defined in the VEE 2023 license agreement;
  • Participation in NOW is not guaranteed, and Management shall determine which Exhibitors shall participate in NOW in Management’s sole discretion;
  • It is Exhibitor’s sole responsibility to remove all displays or materials at the times designated by Management. Any displays or materials left behind upon the conclusion of VEE 2023 shall be considered abandoned and handled by Management accordingly;
  • Exhibitor shall ONLY exhibit its own displays or materials in NOW and Management reserves the right to determine the which displays or materials shall be featured in NOW;
  • Exhibitor is solely responsible for the security and safety of their displays or materials at all times. Management shall not be responsible for and shall have no liability resulting from loss or damage to any displays or materials at any time. All materials and displays are brought to VEE 2023 and displayed at Exhibitor’s own risk. Management is not responsible for the actions of any third parties in connection with NOW;
  • Exhibitor is liable for any damage its representatives cause to any other exhibitor’s displays or materials or to the Venue’s or Management’s property;
  • Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any and all expenses in connection with Exhibitor’s participation in NOW; and
  • Exhibitor shall at all times comply with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations in connection with Exhibitor’s participation in NOW, and in Vision Expo East.

Vision Expo will only return products onsite. We are unable to accommodate shipping products back to exhibitors.

You may retrieve your product(s) submitted between 3-4pm on Sunday, March 17 at the conclusion of the show at the NOW Pavilion.

All products not retrieved between 3-4pm on Sunday, March 17 at the conclusion of the show will be donated to a company or charity to be determined.