Customer Invitation Program

As a valued exhibitor at Vision Expo East, you have unlimited access to our Customer Invitation Program. Use customized promotional materials to market your booth and invite your customers or prospects to attend the Show for FREE (saving your guests $150 onsite)

Exhibitor Dashboard + Badge Registration

Exhibitor Manual

Free Marketing + PR

Sponsorship Opportunities

Collect + View Leads

Exhibitor Checklist


If you need help accessing your Exhibitor Dashboard, please contact your Customer Service at 800-811-7151 or 203-840-5610 or email Dashboardsupport@reedexpo.com.

Inside the Exhibitor Manual you will find all of the action items, which will provide you with the contact information for all of the Vision Expo’s official contractors.

Freeman is the official Vision Expo contractor and they do offer discounts for orders placed on their website. Visit the Exhibitor Manual for more information. You can create an account with Freeman at: www.freemanco.com.

Electrical services can be ordered through the Orange County Convention Center. There are different levels of electricity offered to fit your needs. You can access the electrical services order form in the Exhibitor Manual.

Shipping is the transportation of your items from your location to the convention center. You are responsible for hiring a transportation company for your shipping materials.

Material handling is the action of receiving your shipment at the convention center and bringing it to your booth space. Freeman is the official Vision Expo contractor and will facilitate your material handling. There is a cost associated with this – called “drayage” and you will receive a drayage bill from Freeman in your booth.

Drayage is calculated based on the weight of your items and how they are shipped. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

If you take advantage of shipping to the Advanced Warehouse, your crates will be in your booth based on your move-in dates.

No. Centerplate is the official caterer for the Orange County Convention Center. Furthermore, in accordance with our VisionSAFE standards, exhibitors are NOT permitted to give out food and beverages to guests. The Vision Café is located at the back of the hall and will have multiple food options and a vast seating area.

Exhibit Hall
In accordance with our VisionSAFE standards, exhibitors on the show floor are NOT permitted to consume/serve food in their booths.  Exhibitors are also NOT permitted to serve beverages to guests within their booths. Exhibitors are allowed to order beverages for personal/staff consumption only.

Exhibitor Meeting Rooms
Exhibitors located in private meeting rooms are permitted to order food and beverages for staff/team consumption only.  Exhibitors are NOT permitted to serve food or beverages to guests in their meeting rooms.

No. Registering as an admin on the Exhibitor Dashboard will only give that person access to the dashboard, you will have to register separately for exhibitor badges.

There will be Wi-Fi available throughout the Vision Expo show floor for light business use. The Wi-Fi does not replace a hardline internet connection. If you need more support, make sure to order a hardline internet connection for your booth. Access the Telephone/Internet order for in the Exhibitor Manual.