February 19-22, 2025
Orlando, FL



At Vision Expo, attendees can experience the coolest new tech, from in-office edgers and finishers to state-of-the-art lab equipment and optical supplies PLUS refractors, lensmeters, imaging systems, advances in pharmaceuticals, low vision and more.  No other event in offers a deeper look into the revolutionary technology transforming the industry in 2020 and beyond.

Vision Expo is the ultimate fashion hub for eyewear and sunwear. Look, touch and immerse yourself in a world of options for a diverse range of customers. Network with designers, buyers and trend experts seeking to explore more than 5,000 brands.


An area devoted to groundbreaking ophthalmic innovation with everything a professional might wish for. This is the hub for the latest in lens and processing technology, manufacturing, and instrumentation. You can also meet with suppliers and manufacturers who are shifting the paradigm of vision care. The manifestation of their commitment to vision health is reflected in every product line and piece of equipment on display.


The future of vision care is no longer science fiction, it’s reality. A section of the expo that expands the boundaries of vision science with opportunities to grow your dispensary and, ultimately, your business. It’s a microcosm of high-performance equipment and digital innovations, with diverse product portfolios —which include frame, lens, and contact lens technologies—from around the world. Yet the ultimate goal of medical science is to positively impact the quality of patients’ lives. And that improvement begins with eye health.


The Low Vision Pavilion is the place to find the latest devices and advancements designed to help meet the needs hundreds or millions of people worldwide suffering from vision impairment.


With thousands of brands and designs, from frames and sunwear to readers and accessories, buy everything you need to keep your inventory fresh and your mix competitive.


The ultimate experience for trend-driven looks with a unique point of view from the fashion-forward lifestyle brands we know and love.