February 19-22, 2025
Orlando, FL

The Bridge 2023 Keynote Presentation: Challenge to Change

Challenge to Change, Presented by Jason Romero

Saturday, March 18 | 3:30PM – 4:15PM

At The Bridge

Join Jason Romero, expert in Adversity & Resilience, on The Bridge during the Vision Expo East 2023 Keynote!

There are times when change causes challenge, and when a challenge causes change. Jason will share his transformational story of being a successful executive, to an unemployed, depressed, blind man, and emerging as an elite-extreme endurance athlete who holds more than 10 world records, is a Paralympian, a national champion, author, speaker and subject of a documentary. This is an authentic, thought and emotion provoking talk that will leave you speechless, motivated and inspired to challenge yourself. "If it doesn't challenge you, it will never change you."

About Jason Romero:

Jason Romero is an expert in Adversity & Resilience. Jason began his career as an attorney, practicing corporate law for several years. He had always dreamed of working in business, and that caused him to transition out of law and into a career with General Electric. During a 10-year stint at GE he worked in the IT and Financial Service industries, and rose to the position of General Manager for GE Capital in the Caribbean where he lived as an ex-patriate for 6-years. Jason also ran Global Core Operations for Western Union where he led teams in the Americans, EMEA and APAC. He was also the Executive Director of an educational and therapeutic non-profit that serves children with Autism (one of Jason’s children has Autism). In his mid-40’s, a degenerative eye disease caused Jason to lose 95% of his eyesight which triggered a severe depressive episode where he hit “rock bottom”. Jason literally ran his way back to life, emerging from the darkness as a Paralympian, National Marathon Champion, World Record Holder, and has crossed Death Valley, Puerto Rico, Greece and the United States on foot. Jason’s transcontinental crossing of the United States ranks as one of the top-10 fastest where he averaged 51.5 miles/day covering 3,063 miles from Los Angeles to New York. Jason is a native Coloradan, has authored two books,  and founded a non-profit that serves at-risk youth.