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WhyIGo Testimonials

WhyIGo Testimonials

Vision Expo attendees share on social media why Vision Expo is a can’t miss event:

"To think that I got to spend a weekend surrounded by like-minded people who love and appreciate this optical world I work in as much as me...it's bliss."
Siobhán, @highcyl

"I attended the show to learn about blue light, eyewear trends for the year, and how to improve as an optician. Oh, and of course, to immerse myself in the frame booths. Getting to meet brands reps that I would never be able to otherwise. We have 30 new Guess frames coming, and a bunch of Kate Spade, and many others."
@redmcg33, Stephen McG, Optician

"I attended Vision Expo with my doctors and coworker to take a bunch of the amazing classes that were offered and for us to get some amazing new lines of glasses for the office. I'm from NY but now live and work in NC. We traveled to experience everything the expo had to offer. We came back with new knowledge and awesome new merchandise!"

"I go because I love the energy, the artistry, and the excitement of all that Vision Expo offers! It refuels my passion and makes even clearer the endless possibilities of our industry. Thank you!"
Tommasina Sideris O.D., @eyesonlitchfield

"As a student, my first Vision Expo experience was all about learning. For me, #WhyIGo is about what opportunities it will provide for me in the future and hearing about how ODs have opened doors beyond the scope of their practice!"

"I go to get new product by suppliers that are not available to us except at Expo."
Wendy Moore, wendygmoore1

"As a General Manager of an optical chain, I like to go to keep myself in the know of upcoming new products. When patients come in I want them to feel comfortable with the knowledge that I have. It makes me feel like a true optical professional and not a 'salesperson'"
Jaime, Optician, @bklynj_77

"This expo creates a new positive energy for our practice. It enlarges our vision and creates more business opportunities for us all."
CRONNET EYE CLINIC, @cronneteyeclinic

"This was my first time going, and as a student learning, this opened my eyes to all the different aspects/avenues that vision has. Seeing everyone come together, from all over the nation, and how much passion is involved was refreshing! The classes were engaging and all the vendors were amazing! It's so neat seeing how much fashion and science go hand in hand!"
#WhyIGo – Dani, @vellichor23

"Attending Vision Expo reminds me of how this huge industry can still be such a small world. I love having the chance to educate myself on the newest trends and best care for my customers…I still leave each year feeling rejuvenated with fresh ideas and extra inspiration for bettering my career and my optical team."
@memily_b, Discerning Eye

"In today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment, your career and level of patient care depends on your ability to further your education and skills. One way you can extend your knowledge and enhance your skills is through attending and participation in an international organized conference. It provides an opportunity to meet, interact with, and make contacts with other experts in your specialty area and offers a chance for you to learn about educational advancements in optometry that will advance your career."
@theoptometristng, Standard EyeClinic Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

"I go to Vision Expo to find new and exciting frames for our patients."
Julie Phan, OD and Toan Nguyen, OD, San Marino Optometry

"[I got to Vision Expo] to see technology at its best."
ViewPoint Optical

"I go to Vision Expo East to immerse myself in learning tons about my amazing future career with my future colleagues."
Mackenzie Bradley, SUNY Optometry Student

"Thank you for making this experience one of the best for us this year. We saw incredible sales and a lot of interest from attendees!"

"This is the best managed trade show I've ever been to."

"Vision Expo has been growing and is much better compared to regional shows we attend."


“For me there are two main [values of Vision Expo]. One is connecting with my colleagues, because when you’re working you don't always have the opportunity to meet with people from all over the country that practice in different ways. So just learning different techniques from colleagues is very helpful. The second thing is, I enjoy the lectures, because that’s another way to hear form experts in our field about what’s new and different unique ways of treating our patients.”

“I did attend last year, so the thing I am looking most forward to is the Exhibit Hall. There are people and vendors from all over the world. It just gives such a global view about what’s happening in the rest of the world, because just practicing in this country or even in your state you don't have as much exposure to what is happening everywhere else.”
Angelina Kahlon, Optometrist

“[I find value in} the quality of education at [Vision Expo] and just the opportunity to see so many vendors at one time.”

“I take [the information I learn] back to my team at work and share what I learned, what I think is important and how we can incorporate it into our practice.”

“I am most excited to see some of the new frame product this year”
Cook Denise, Practice Manager

“It’s easy to see a lot of vendors all in one place. I make notes to take back to my office to implement when I get back, right away while, I still remember it all.”
Dr. Karen Griffith, Optometrist

“The reason I come to [Vision Expo] is the practice management classes, because most of our state-wide ones are clinical care and this has practice management which I need for my practice. I take [the information] back, and go over with staff things we learned about optical and for running the practice. I actually have two staff members here with me, so we go back and go over things with staff, all the newest technologies and try to get more sales.”

“We come [to Vision Expo] for frames, to find different products, buffalo horn and wood. Things that we just don't have, things we don’t have reps coming around to show us.”
Dr. Cheryl Robson, Optometrist

Ocular Surface Disease and Wellness Break

“So far the Ocular Wellness and Ocular Surface has been my favorite. It had a lot of good information, little pearls we can use in the practice.”
Dr. Donna Valentin, Optometrist, Dedham Ophthalmic Consultants

“The speakers were all excellent; everybody had a sense of humor, everybody was clear and it was very enlightening. There were lots of things that I knew already, and there were little things that were clarified. Which I thought was very important. I gained the incentive to study more about certain areas that I didn't know about before.”
Dr. Barbara Ronson, Optometrist, Cohen’s Fashion Optical

“[I learned] what other practitioners are doing in their offices, reinforcing what I am doing already.”
Dr. Julie Blenker, Optometrist, Family Eye Care

“I attended the Dry Eye Symposium. They went over the difference between sustained ultra and sustained balance and how to incorporate dry eye ocular surface disease work up in your protocol as far as managing patients.”
Dr. Brenda Weaver, Optometrist, Weaver Eye Care Associates Inc.

“I took quite a few things away from [the Ocular Wellness session], I think the best is beyond what the actual lecture is about. But when they go off on tangents, you learn a lot more about the nuances of clinical practice and better ways to discuss options with patients. Rather than the actual science of it, because we have kind of been through all that in school. But learning better ways to help treat patients is the most I take away from it.”
Dr. Brian Matthews, Optometrist, Great Lakes Optometry

Dispensary and Design Idea Center and Take 30 Lounges

“The value is you can cover a lot of bases by getting educating, obviously CE credits for your doctors, education for your staff, plus also walking the floor and seeing new products, talking to people, talking to your vendors, keeping relationships going. It kind of covers all the bases.“

“You might learn something [in education] and when you go out on the floor and you are looking for a new billing software or something like that and you go ‘hey, I just realized in class, that we need to do this.’ So it does work on the show floor, but also taking it back and either just implementing what I’ve learned into my daily routine or relaying it to staff that work here. Saying ‘Hey, you know what I learned something interesting about this factor, let’s try to do this.’ It’s always a good education.”

“I’m always excited to see the vendors that we deal with all year long to see what new products they have out and discuss face-to-face instead of via the phone or email. I liked that I can talk to people that I don’t see all year long; it keeps me going for the next year.”
Bo Smith, Low Vision Manager

“Right now I am in transition of jobs, so [Vision Expo] helps me to gauge the equipment. So if I need to catch up on any type of equipment, I can just ask someone to show me how to use the equipment before I start this new job.”

“If I see anything that the practice is not using or offering the patients, then I would suggest to our doctor or to the clients that we have, ‘this is something you should be interested in.’ Like vitamins or eye drops, I would suggest to the doctor and see what he says.”
Samantha Sagi, Technician

“The value [of Vision Expo is] seeing customers and vendors and colleagues.”
Arman Bernardi, President & CEO, iCoat Company

YPC Lunch

“I really enjoyed my classes this morning. Very good, a lot of information packed into an hour and I hope to get a lot more out of [my other classes]. “

“[I am excited for] the vendors, to go around and see different stuff, seeing New York.”
Karley Gallipeau

“I come because there are good courses, especially for Young Professionals, six hours is normally the amount I like to do at a conference, and that’s taken care of. [Vision Expo] is in good cities as well, so it’s fun to have that extra option of touring New York or Las Vegas.”

“Some things I take back to my practice the next week, and with other things it’s good to have in your head in case a question pops up or just knowing about new technology; just to stay a little bit ahead of the curve.”

“I like to tour around the Exhibit Hall, see what’s new, see what’s up and coming in terms of eyewear and technology. There is always something to look forward to.”
Dr. Martin Spino, Optometrist

Show Management | Education | Attendee | Exhibitors | Student

Show Management

"Valerie Scott (vice president of strategic accounts) championed the needs of exhibitors in The Galleria and The Underground from the beginning and has worked hard to cater to high end boutique buyers. Her efforts were instrumental in relocating these pavilions to their new location on Level 3, a move which has been highly anticipated.  Vision Expo East is brimming over with activity and excitement from every corner. Two years of extensive research into the needs and behaviors of buyers and ODs, combined with careful planning have resulted in the new layout and enhanced show experience that is surpassing all expectations."
Deborah Castor, vice president of shows, The Vision Council

“Educational content like the Global Contact Lens Forum and Ocular Wellness program drive ECPs to the exhibit floor to learn how to incorporate new technology into their practices,” said Tom Loughran, group vice president, Reed Exhibitions. “Vision Expo differentiates itself by bringing in experts like Paco Underhill and The Ritz-Carlton, to challenge ECPs to understand how their environments and customer engagement skills influence their businesses at every level.”
Tom Loughran, group vice president, Reed Exhibitions

“There are so many things about the program this year that I am excited about. We’ve expanded the Business Solutions and Practice Management tracks, the crowd sourced learning programs are fun and exciting and are a way to engage the audience in a meaningful way. It seems to have gone well, we hope to do more of those types of programs when we develop the Vision Expo programs for 2016. I really like that the Medical & Scientific Pavilion is really close to the lecture hall. So you have direct access, after a lecture if you want to meet with a vendor or see what’s the latest, maybe lens technology or OTC technology; there’s really easy access. It really seems that there is a lot of energy; there are a lot of people. There is a buzz in the air and most of the courses that I’ve been to have had great attendance. I think it’s just a fun meeting; there’s a lot going on. It’s engaging.”
Mark Dunbar, OD, FAAO, Co-Chair, International Vision Expo Conference


"We are very thrilled that Vision Expo and its brand new The Galleria and The Underground will give the opportunity for the Eyewear Designers of the CFDA (edCFDA) to have their first panel discussion 'Speaking of Design' linking eyewear and fashion even closer."
Christian Roth of Christian Roth Eyewear, edCFDA panelist

“I love going to Vision Expo East because I think the education is phenomenal. You have so many choices so you get to go to all different courses and you can pick what you like. It’s very personal, it’s very interactive. I love that the show floor is right outside the door. You can leave a class and go check out the technology you just heard about. Marco is a perfect example. You hear about Marco technologies or other technologies, refractive technologies in class and are able to go right outside and actually look at it and see what it looks like and are able to buy it.”
April Jasper, OD, FAAO, Advanced Eyecare Specialists, Speaker at Primary Care A Female Perspective

“Crowd-sourced learning takes engagement from zero to seventy or eighty percent. The best thing about it is that it causes people to pay more attention to the lecture. They find that they are taking their traditional type of lecture and they are also adding this modern twist using their mobile devices to chime in as part of a larger group. There is a social proof aspect to it as well; they know that other people in the room are doing it so people are more likely to engage. We get tremendous response. I think people have fun with it.”
Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO, “Waging War on Warby” speaker

“As far as the fashion trends it was everything I was looking for; I learned so much.”
Kimberly Brozoski, Director of Optical Services, speaking about education session - "Must Have" Eyewear Fashion Trends for 2015


“For me the class was wonderful; I learned a lot. My favorite part was when he spoke about the interaction between buyer and seller. He explained how you shouldn’t be behind the counter; you should be beside it. That was a good part for me. I mainly come to Vision Expo for education but I also come to buy portable equipment.”
Janice Salas, Optometrist, Optiks Visual Care, speaking about education sessions - More Than Meets the Eye - The Evolution in Eyecare, Retail, and Customer Service

“All of the vendors are in one spot, it's really nice. It gives me a chance to see things that I haven’t had a chance to check out before. Right now I work buying for a private practice and we have a lot of product but not everything. So it’s nice to come to Vision Expo and be able to see the product that is out there.”
Jon Leervig, Owner, Betty’s Mobile Optical, LLC (buyer-retail)


“We’ve been doing this show probably since the beginning and it’s always a great show. The traffic is always good. The doctors are always enjoying their classes and functions, so we are a strong supporter. Jocelyn Schepsis, vice president of sales, Marco

“Vision Expo has been working hard to create a show that is great for the attendees; to make it easy for them to navigate. I feel like now that frames are closer together, our customers cross. They buy big company frames and they buy small company frames, so it makes it easy for them to navigate. I have been getting positive feedback from the attendees that they appreciate that and they like the show navigation better. So we are always here for them, and I think that is most important to note.”
Ray Khalil, president, LaFont

“The one point that we noticed for this show especially is that the buying attitude has been extremely positive. So it’s very, very refreshing and encouraging.”
Andrea Gluck, co-president, Eyewear Designs

“The show is very well attended; many qualified customers have been coming through our booth and we’ve had the opportunity to address their needs and to provide solutions. We really appreciate all the work that goes in on the front end that Vision Expo provides in order for us to have a show of this quality. We’ve been coming to both East and West as far back as I can remember and it seems that we’ve outgrown our booth based on the traffic that’s coming in, so it’s a real positive and we’re looking into expanding our booth for the next show.”
Robert Kohn, vice president of sales and marketing, North America, A&R Optical Machinery

“It all started about two years ago on a road trip to Maine. We came up with the idea and after lots of trial and error we ended up with something we thought was pretty special and took it to market and started our company in July of last year. This is our first time exhibiting at Vision Expo East and we’ve received tons of traffic and great feedback that we wouldn’t have been able to get any other way. We’re very happy and honored to have won. It makes all the 15-hour workdays and sleepless nights spent figuring out products and getting it all done, worth it. We’re now looking forward to releasing new products this season including materials made from wood with recycled drums, guitars and vinyl records.”
Vision Choice Award first place winner: Christopher and Andrew Shalhoub with Parkman Sunglasses from Mountainside, NJ

“Vision Expo East brings together the most exciting combo of science and fashion in one event. Whether you’re looking for medical education or the latest in technology, Vision Expo has it all.”
Dave Gibson, Director of Optometric Relations, Allergan (from MAP meeting)


“I am a third year student at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. I was just elected president of the American Optometric Student Association, which is the largest student organization we have in optometry. The Young Professionals Club is really for post-graduates, but it is a great way for young graduates to find a connection. After graduation while they’re sorting through the decisions for their future positions it allows them to collaborate in an accessible platform to engage with one another in terms of deciding what path is right for them. So it is a great way for them to connect with each other. With Vision Expo, in general, it is a great conference. It’s hard to not have fun in New York or Las Vegas, and I’ve been to both. This is my third time to Vision Expo East. It is always a great conference, always so many great student leaders here, and to collaborate with each other in the great student programs that we have, the wonderful student parties that we have here. Vision Expo has one of the largest exhibit halls in optometry. What’s really interesting about Vision Expo is that although it’s such a large scale, you can still talk to people one-on-one easily and again although it is such a large scale, you are able to see that it is such a family atmosphere in optometry.”
Hunter Chapman, president, American Optometric Student Association

“I think Vision Expo is a great forum for students to be able to get together, share ideas, meet kids from other areas across the country and also network with some of the doctors who have some of the best practices in the country. Overall, Young Professionals Club is an awesome experience for the students and more importantly an awesome way to professionally start developing your career before you graduate.”
Mile Brujic, OD, Brujic Consulting, LLC

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